The history of the School of Foreign Studies (SFS) at SUFE can be traced back to 1993, when the Department of Foreign Languages was founded. It was officially renamed the School of Foreign Studies (SFS) on 17 June 2014.


SFS currently offers master’s programs in Foreign Language and Literature (1st-level discipline), including four academic programs respectively in English Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Literature, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Translation Studies, and a professional master’s program in Translation and Interpreting (MTI). SFS also offers undergraduate programs in Business English and Japanese. The School is comprised of four teaching units — the Department of English, the Department of Japanese, the Department of Modern Languages, and the MTI Teaching Center, as well as seven research institutes — the Institute of Modern Linguistics, the Institute of Foreign Literature Studies, the Institute of Translation Studies, the SUFE-UH (University of Helsinki) Center for Cross-Cultural Studies, the Center for Japanese Studies, the English Testing Center, and the Center for Canadian Studies.


The School has a team of learned scholars with rich international experience who are in the prime of their academic careers. By August 2019, there are 61 faculty members in total, including 7 professors and 22 associate professors; 47 members holding Ph.D. degrees (18 of whom were internationally trained). The faculty members have won many honors and awards, such as the Baosteel Outstanding Teacher Award and the Shanghai Yucai Teaching Award. Some of them have been awarded Fulbright Scholar, Shanghai  “Figure of the Year” in Foreign Languages, Shanghai Pujiang Scholar, Shanghai Chenguang Scholar, and Chair Professor etc. The team excels at both teaching and research. Since 2009, 28 projects have received research grants from the National Social Science Fund of China and the provincial education departments; more than 100 articles have been published in the SSCI-, A&HCI- and CSSCI-listed journals.


SFS seeks to make the most of SUFE’s strengths, adheres to the university’s inspiring and visionary motto and an educational philosophy that underscores the fundamental role of language skills and the practical role of financial knowledge, and promotes student development through in-depth professional training and a wide breadth of courses. It is our ultimate goal to train top-class interdisciplinary talents with expertise in foreign languages, global vision, national spirit, creativity, leadership and critical thinking. In light of social demand and personal aspirations, students are encouraged to choose such minors as accounting, finance and business administration. Guided by these principles, many of them have grown into business professionals with a good command of foreign languages and a wide knowledge of finance and economics.


By constantly updating its infrastructure, SFS has been creating better conditions for teaching and research. A wide range of facilities are available, including a fully-equipped language lab, a computer-aided translation lab, a simultaneous interpreting lab, a brain and cognition lab, a computer-aided writing lab, a corpus lab, and a public computers room. The university library has subscribed to hundreds of academic journals in foreign language and literature; it also provides access to numerous e-books and academic databases. Moreover, the School has set up a steering committee of teaching to guide undergraduate education and established an alliance with business enterprises for off-campus internship opportunities and training bases. Besides, SFS has been encouraging students to participate in national and international language competitions, such as public speaking, translation and interpreting, many of whom have won prizes in such competitions.


SFS has purposefully prepared the graduates an ability to serve the society not only with language skills but also with interdisciplinary competence. The competitiveness of our graduates in the job market is evidenced by positive feedback from employers and society in general. In the last 5 years, the employment rate of our graduates has remained above 98%. Most of them have secured high-earning positions at MNCs, big corporations, investment banks, consultancies, accounting firms, international organizations, etc.

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